Monday, December 20

couldn't resist

I know it's not Christmas yet, but I just finished making this graphic, and I thought that it wouldn't be too bad if I share it with you already. So here I go. Everything made by me. It's huge.

Sunday, December 19

another make-over

Will I ever stop doing make-overs? I guess not. It's all my fault. My graphic skill evolve, so I just have to update the header, so it doesn't look awful, haaa. This time, I went for random colours that just looked nice, in my oppinion, so yeaaaah baby, that's it! That's the header. Nothing Christmas'y, I don't want that. I just go with what I feel like.

And I drew the hair on the header. I'm not really good at it, but I did practice my hair drawing skills yesterday, so I guess they got a bit better. Better than they were before, hopefully.

And right now, I'm upset, because this blog is like... dead. It used to have loads of comments and stuff, and then I deleted all of the posts and started all over again. Stupid much? Oh well. I just wish I could bring it back to life, and you guys need to help me with that :D

Saturday, December 18

because everybody has to... a Lady Gaga graphic. Just for practice. Didn't take me too long, though. Not as long as I actually expected.