Thursday, January 20


I'm hopeless. I can't last more than a few months without another make-over. Urgh. Shame on me. Anyways, I've been making loads of graphics lately- for WILD and for WOE which will appear in the upcoming SFW. Oh, and I also made a background for TSB (a new blog that I and a friend created not so long ago).

By the way, I will be uploading a WOE spoiler soon. My collection is being made and is almost finished. Keep your little fucker eyes open (sorry for the expression :D) for more and more of my work.

By the way, have you noticed that stardoll has changed the noses? Like, they're more 3D'ish now. But er... Some of them look kinda wrong in some way. Ew. I wouldn't like to have that er... *coughs* thing in the middle of my doll's face.


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  1. I get what you mean, some of them really do look *cough cough* a bit weird :D