Sunday, March 6

I'm a mermaid

I got big hips, little boobs, long hair, I'm a mermaid, I'm a cute little mermaid, aah (those are lyrics from a song that I can't be bothered to find on youtube). This is one of my daily random posts about my outfits and other stardoll-life stuff.

So I bought these amazing tights from Mel, and I decided to wear them right away. I mean, how amazing are they? They look hot with nearly everything, if you know how to match 'em right. I chose a white/blue/black color palette. I even dyed my doll's hair bright blue, I'm gone crazy. I just realized that I look as if I'm about to dive into the ocean, the only thing that's missing is a tube to breathe underwater.

There, I'm done with my mucho random post. I had no point writing it, though. I feel weird now. And I'm so random. 


  1. Hehe, very creative, I wouldn't be able to pull off a look like that without having people think I am mad :D

  2. hi dear! Just found your lovely blog:) what do you say about following each other?