Sunday, March 6

Why potatoes are way cooler than cucumbers

I've just been sent this link to mizzmileycyrus9's hilarious wannabe blog, and it honestly made my entire day (if not my week). Check out the picture below (and click to enlarge).

Okay, we get it. You feel sick. So what? Go make yourself vomit, maybe you'll feel better, biatch. And seriously, since when are you giving me orders? 'take off those shades', why would I? I mean, I'd just keep them to get on your nerves, girl. I like flies, by the way, they're pretty hot. Haha, you made my day, I love you, dear... what's your name again?

One more thing: 'don't get caught by the fashion critics again'. Sorry darling, but since when are you a fashion critic? You can't even come up with a combination of clothes that we could actually call a proper outfit. This is pathetic :) But I really felt like I had to write about it. Just to let you know that haters are amazing people with absolutely no lifes.


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  2. Haha, some people are so absurd. I actually love that outfit :D