Saturday, March 5

born this way? i hope not.

I feel awkward saying this, but I had to give this blog another make-over. It's stronger than me, I just like to see something new, I can't possibly stick to one thing for a long time (I can't even listen to one full song on my iPod, I mean it's really rare). I got obsessed with this bright pink colour and I felt like making my blog look more personal, and not just about graphics. I might aswell post about whatever comes into my mind (I'll be brainstorming in here), I might post my stardoll outfits and so on.

Anyways, speaking of what I wanted to speak of (...), I've lately been hearing the latest track of Lady Gaga, and well... It inspired me to do a post about my doll'ish little self. See, this is the way I was born. The way I look every morning:
No make-up, no jewelery. Doesn't my doll look absolutely hot? No. I'm fugly. You better get used to this. I mean, all of our dolls aren't that pretty... right? Or am I really the only one? I have to admit that make-up does miracles in our beloved Dollywood (or do we really love it that much? ehh...), and it is one of the reasons I'm addicted to it- I can make my paperdoll look like anything I want. I would have left if it wouldn't have been so. I'm a total stardoll-addict, and I'm not proud of it. My doll is ugly, I never know what to wear (just like in real life), and I spend loads of money just for this game. Where the hell is my life going?! We should all think of what we're doing to ourselves and do something about it (easy to say this, but it's really hard to do it).

That's about it. I don't like being addicted to stardoll, but I just am. Even though my doll is absolutely not pretty- I'm still on this crazy girl website for little kids.

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  1. Here's my medoll without make-up;